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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a handy install script?

Yes! You can run installScript.php from the source directory to sequentially compile and install all the components. This script is written in PHP, so be sure to that the php interpreter is installed. On Debian, this can be done with apt-get install php5-cli. The install script should be run first as root, then as the development user. A few steps are not yet in the installer, so they should be carried out manually. We assume that the user has a basic QT4 development installation. Follow the steps below to install the code.

su root

mkdir /usr/include/qt4/OpenPilot

chgrp users /usr/include/qt4/OpenPilot

chmod g+wrx /usr/include/qt4/OpenPilot

chgrp users /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer

chmod g+wrx /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer




How does OpenPilot know where charts and coastlines are?

When OP is first run (from the openPilot binary in the source tree) it creates a directory ~/.openPilot. This should be the repository for all OpenPilot's data and settings. Unfortunately, due to it's recent addition, it isn't. Therefore, users are advised to look through the debug output on the command line to find out what OP is actually trying to read.

Charts (S57 or CM93/2) are indexed in the file stored in ~/.openpilot/index.txt which stores details of all the charts which openPilot has indexed. Indexes can be combined by concatenating the index files.

Coastlines can be specified in the settings.xml file. See "I don't have a settings file, what do I do?" later in this FAQ.

How do I go about indexing charts?

The openPilot main program provides the user with a dialog box to add directories containing charts to the index. Simplistically, the user adds a series of directories, and requests that OpenPilot indexes them. The chart indexing system depends on the op_ChartLimits utility to do the actual job of finding the chart extents, due to a memory leak. In order to get the indexing to work, compile op_ChartLimits and ensure that the binary is in the search path (putting it in /usr/bin is generally a good plan).

Why doesn't the map widget does not appear to refresh properly?

When refreshing the map widget graphics the widget had traces of previous updates. This has now been fixed (as of 17th December 2010). It was related to using an uninitialised QImage for each layer of the composite image. Please dowload the latest version from CVS.

Why is there a lag between resizing the map widget and redrawing the graphics?

In multi-threaded mode, if the map widget is resized, it will replot the same images, until it has rendered new ones. As these new images are rendered in separate threads, there is no determinism regarding the order of completion. This leads to an obvious update lag. There is no good way to get around this, but using smaller datasets will reduce lag, particularly when plotting the coastline.

How do I use a smaller coastline dataset?

There is now a utility in the CVS repository which allows the user to extract a section of coastline, and save this to a file. This file can be saved in ~/.openpilot and then used as the default setting in the XML settings file. The utility will load any GSHHS v1 or v2 coastline, and will save the output in v2 format, but with incomplete header data.

I don't have a settings file, what do I do?

At present there is no automatic settings file generation. Yes, it's on the list, but a little way down it yet. So, for the time being, you can use the one I've written:

    <centre lat="50.77" lon="-1.29" range="10000"/>
      <foreground red="0" green="0" blue="0" alpha="255"/>

You can also include settings for other widgets in this file (such as a status panel). I have not yet handled multiple instances of objects for simplicity, but it is possible.

-- TimB - 17 Nov 2010

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