Tim Brocklehurst - Lead Developer

Tim B

Quite often I am asked why I'm developing OpenPilot. Well, it's mostly because it combines three of my favourite hobbies, sailing, electronics and computing. My reason for developing it as open-source software is simply to share what I have been doing, in the hope that others will contribute to it as they see a need. A little recognition is nice, but to small projects the wider open-source community is a nurturing environment, and that is always a nice thing to be part of.

I am professional software engineer, who has had a lifelong interest in sailing. I have some background in electronics and interfacing, but my primary qualification was a BEng in yacht and powercraft design. I had two years experience in the commercial marine sector in Glasgow (UK) working mainly with vessel dynamics monitoring and prediction, before deciding to concentrate on software engineering. I also do occasional computer systems administration work.

I now live and work on the south coast of the UK, writing OpenPilot in my free time.