Marine Uses

Standalone Navigation Console

Perhaps the most obvious use of OpenPilot, is to make use of it's navigation and charting facilities. These are constantly under development, and improvements are regular.

Tank monitoring

Currently under development. We expect to be able to monitor all main types of tank senders.

Vessel Electronics Monitoring Terminal

This can be achieved through our analogue to digital converter mechanism. The output may then be displayed on screen in a variety of different ways.

Engine monitoring and management

This is in the very early stages of development, but we are hoping to work with engine companies to be able to provide this.

Voyage Logging

Any data accepted by OpenPilot can be logged for future reference.

Voyage Summaries

OpenPilot can produce an A4 one-page summary of a voyage based on GPS log data.

Integrated Bridge Systems

This is the "holy grail" for this project. Combining everything above is not an easy task, but it is possible due to the modular way in which OpenPilot is written. In doing this we have allowed the user to separate the data-collection hardware from the data display hardware. This is done by using an ethernet network, present in almost all modern computer equipment.

Miscilaneous uses

Digital multi-meter with logging

This has been done with a good degree of success for a company in Glasgow (UK). One project required a battery discharge profile, and OpenPilot provided all the necessary monitoring and logging functions to achieve this at a high sample rate with good reliability.